About us
Some words about ourselves...

We bought our first British cat in 2002. First we had to choose the kind of cat which is the best for us. I have always been dreaming about living with a lot of cats around. When choosing it was important for us that the cat should have typical cat looks and short hair. The Britsh was the best choice because of its appearance and character. This kind of cat is nice with a beautiful appearance and character, a friendly companion.

When we decided to have this kind of cat we looked for a breeder and bought a nice, smallcolourpoint kitten, but this cat stayed with us just one month because he had an incurable illness which he caught soon after birth when he was still with the breeder. I was devastated and decided I wouldn’t have another cat.
Some months later my family and our friends urged me to breed this kind of cat to prevent such cases happening again, so with my husband I decided to begin breeding this kind of cat.

We began looking for a cat which is really good quality for breeding. In April 2003 we could buy a really nice and healthy blue-white bi-colour cat and later a lilac female cat. Now these cats have grown up and we are proud of them because they are successful and achieve good results at exibitions in Hungary and abroad.

Perhaps because of the initial difficulties we are very careful about our cats' health and hygiene so as to prevent disease.
The one female cat has kittens only once a year. We only sell the cats to people known to us and think about the cats in same way. We take responsibility for the cats' living conditions later in their lives.

We wish an enjoyable time for every catfriend on our web page!

Helga Hegedüs